Our Story: Twin Heart Foods

Twin Heart Foods is a Certified Woman-Owned Business & Women’s Business Enterprise, owned by twin sisters & seasoned professionals Sarah Ray & Jennifer Lynch. As the visionaries behind the product & brand, and as foodies & health aficionados, it’s our passion to supply an authentic, innovative, versatile & better-for-you desserts & beverage mix to discerning chefs across the US.

Our Star Product: Crema Lusso – A Giant Leap for Mankind

We traveled the world looking for a great gelato. And what we discovered was so much more…

Giant Leap For Mankind

As California natives and world travelers, our desire upon returning home was to bring an authentic gelato formula to chefs across the nation. And what began as simply that, has morphed into the market’s most versatile and innovative specialty desserts and beverages mix.  A century after our “nonno” immigrated from Asti to America, we strive to honor his legacy by contributing something truly innovative and delicious. Artisan-crafted with heart, and with the chef’s needs in mind, Crema Lusso represents our passion to give the gift of irresistibly delectable food, that’s good for both body and soul.

Gemmelli Torchio

Grandpa Torchio is the inspiration behind Crema Lusso, which we designed during our travels and sojourns in Italy, in the decadent “Piemontese” style Grandpa loved as a boy. Like so many others who sought a life of greater opportunity in the Land of the Free, our family bravely immigrated to Santa Cruz, CA when Grandpa and his twin brother were six years old. As adults they were an integral part of the vibrant Italian-American community that infused Santa Cruz with its color and flavor. We honor their legacy with this delicious product: artisan-crafted with heart, good for body & soul & with chefs’ most pressing needs in mind.

What began as a proprietary ready-to-use gelato formula has become the market’s most versatile and innovative luxury desserts & beverages mix. With just this one product, chefs can create frozen desserts, hot & cold beverages, novelty items & more. This premium, shelf-stable (shelf life: 6-9 months; no cold chain shipping or storage), all-natural (non-GMO, gluten-free, hormone-free, zero synthetics, sustainably-sourced & produced), ultra-sterile (aseptically packed), liquid formula was designed for a variety of wholesale food service channels. It exists to inspire & empower chefs & back-of-house operators, while streamlining processes & saving time & money.

GelatoPrep&MachinesCollage (1)

Crema Lusso, meaning “luxurious creme” in Italian – is just that. Silky-smooth and rich in flavor, this ready-to-use mix can be utilized to create gelato, ice cream, shakes, soft-serve and hot drinks, as well as other novelty and specialty items, such as decadent hot sipping chocolate or gourmet popsicles. The possibilities are limitless. And best of all, while it is a premium product of superior quality and comprised of ultra-clean ingredients; it’s competitively priced. Our goal is to demonstrate the many features and benefits of the Crema Lusso product and show how it can offer valuable solutions to the buyer’s establishment(s).

This exciting product will attract buyers and inspire chefs. It directly responds to the growing needs of the marketplace, by helping improve back of house procedures and streamline processes. It also saves the foodservice professional on overhead/operational costs towards labor, training, shipping, storage and waste/shrink. For multi-unit establishments, a product such as this provides a streamlined result every time – no more botched recipes. It’s our gift to the overworked chef who deserves more time to enjoy getting creative and preparing quality menu items; getting more done in less time.

Ultra-fresh, Ultra-Sterile, Sustainably Sourced & Sustainably Produced

Our unadulterated luxury desserts mixes are produced in the USA.  A winning combination of dairy-fresh milk, cutting-edge innovation and centuries-old artisanal Italian tradition is what differentiates Cremalusso from other desserts mixes. We use only highest quality clean ingredients and blend them together with cuore e cura (heart and care). This is why the premium Cremalusso mix is exquisitely decadent and delicious, yet good for you!

And folks, our story doesn’t end there. We understand that how Crema Lusso gets from our cows onto your spoon, fork, cup or plate is of the udder-most importance! So here’s the rest of the story. Each of our special recipes are prepared, pasteurized and packaged on the spot at the creamery, utilizing the most up-to-date technologies and hygienic production methods which both guarantee the sterility of the final product and preserve the freshness and healthfulness of each delicious ingredient. We also labor to utilize only sustainably sourced ingredients so as to minimize our footprint and its impact on plant and animal life, the global community and the planet.

And that’s where our story has taken us, at least so far.  We have brought to you an unadulterated true Italian gelato mix which is ultra-versatile and transforms into an array of desserts beyond gelato, including hot and cold beverages. Crema Lusso gives the chef the tools to offer an authentically luxurious and unforgettable culinary experience to his valued customers – no matter where on the globe.

As with all the best things in life, great dessert is meant to be savored and cherished – not as a fleeting pleasure but as a transformative experience in the unbroken circle of life.  We believe Crema Lusso rounds out that circle quite nicely indeed.