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Prep Instructions:

Shake before opening. Open bag. If adding flavoring or additions, empty bag into bowl and pre-mix with flavoring of choice (recommended: 800-1000 grams of paste or syrup per gallon [3.8 liters] of liquid product). Pour mix into machinery of choice. Within minutes, your ultra-premium, finished product is ready to serve. It’s as simple as that!

Product Use:

If using our ultra-premium 14.5% butterfat mix, please note it is a high-butterfat product! For optimal performance and to maintain product integrity, it is recommended that product not be left in the machine cylinder overnight. Twin Heart Foods can not be held responsible for machine damage and/or product loss due to misuse of product or machine.

Health & Safety:

The practice of cleaning your machine is important to the health of your customers, can extend the life of the machine and is essential for optimal product integrity and use. Your machine’s operation manual will have guidelines on machine use and cleaning. Make sure you understand your local and state food safety laws regarding required safety measures.

Storage instructions:

Store unopened product at ambient temperature (max 70°F). Once opened, store any unused product in refrigerated storage (max 39°F) in an air-tight container. Suggested ‘use-by’ window after opening: 30 days.

Printable Operator Instructions