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The premium Cremalusso mix is a complete, a ready-to-use frozen desserts and hot & cold beverages mix -straight out of the bag, with no additions necessary.  However, chances are you want to utilize additions and flavorings to bump up your game, increase your profit potential and to distinguish yourself within the marketplace.

Cremalusso Made With Ghirardelli® Premium Flavor Line – Coming Soon!

Look no further than our Cremalusso Made With Ghirardelli® range of premium pre-flavored mixes, releasing soon! Twin Heart Foods is proudly allied with Ghirardelli Chocolate®, one of America’s top premium chocolate brands.  Our line of Cremalusso Made with Ghirardelli® in a range of premium flavors, is set to release in late 2019. It bears our stamp of approval and is always guaranteed to surprise and satisfy, featuring the highest quality, carefully-selected ingredients and cutting-edge tastes for the most refined palate.

The Made With Ghirardelli® Seal – For Operators

Operators can get started elevating their menus and boosting their profits and brand positioning, now. When our customers enthusiastically use Ghirardelli flavorings together with the Cremalusso luxury desserts mix, they earn the honor of featuring the Made With Ghirardelli® seal on their menu and enjoy all the profit-boosting benefits that come along with supporting one of America’s most trusted brands.* Founded in 1852 by Domingo Ghirardelli who immigrated from Italy to America during the California Gold Rush, San Francisco’s historic Ghirardelli Chocolate Company has ensconced itself as the King of Chocolates and is part of the very bedrock of American confectionery.

Chocolate – Made With Ghirardelli Chocolate® 


Rich and luscious chocolate is the essential flavor for any operation and will satiate even the strongest vizio (vice). Ghirardelli’s chocolate made with real cacao and blended with the highest quality ingredients, stands above the rest!

Caramel – Made With Ghirardelli Chocolate® 


Caramel is another old-time favorite which is taking the modern forefront. The simple goodness of classic caramel, made with butter, sugar, milk and cream, makes it one of the ultimate comfort foods.

White Chocolate – Made With Ghirardelli Chocolate® 

White Chocolate

White chocolate is one of those flavors non-chocolate lovers LOVE. Smooth, satiny and richly flavored with vanilla and cream white chocolate is capable of delighting even the toughest chocolate critics.

Salted Caramel – Made With Ghirardelli Chocolate® 

Salted Caramel

A daring twist on a southern classic, salted caramel is a sure to be a surprisingly addicting crowd pleaser. Dense with buttery sweetness, this flavor is melt-in-your-mouth goodness.

And more…

Our flavor lineup doesn’t end there. If you’re on the prowl for additional flavorings, please get in touch. We are here to serve your needs.

*Use of the Ghirardelli logo is by agreement only. Third-party use of the logo must be approved by Ghirardelli and requires a signed agreement.