In Italy, where our delectable desserts mix was designed, “Crema Lusso” means “luxurious cream.” And that’s just what Crema Lusso is, a lusciously silky desserts mix which enables even the busiest chef to create gourmet desserts and hot & cold beverages, painlessly, and in just minutes!

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Crema Lusso

The Nation’s Most Versatile & Innovative Frozen Desserts and Hot & Cold Beverages Mix

Thank you for choosing Crema Lusso! This multi-use luxury dessert & beverage mix empowers food service professionals. Ready-to-use. Fresh, authentic, all-natural – create hot & cold beverages, soft serve, ice cream, gelato, shakes, novelty items (zero synthetics, hormone-free, gluten-free, non-GMO ingredients). Prepare fresh, quality desserts in an instant! Shelf stable; requires NO refrigerated storage & NO additional raw ingredients. Presents unique features & benefits, including reduced labor, training & waste.

Quick tips on how to prepare Crema LussoOur mixes are UHT-processed, aseptically packaged, shelf-stable and require no refrigeration.  Simply store on the shelf in your very own storeroom or kitchen.  When you’re ready to prepare mouth-watering novelty desserts, gelato, hot chocolate, soft serve, milkshakes or any other delicious treat, simply open the bag and pour the mix into your machinery of choice.  In just minutes you will have a freshly-made creamy and luxurious dessert, which you and your clientele can enjoy. No additional ingredients are necessary and no sophisticated expertise required.  Semplice (simple)!

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With Crema Lusso, the Everyday transforms into Extraordinary!