WATCH NOWWhy Do I Need Cremalusso?

 We’re certain you will enjoy this mouthwateringly delicious free recipe from twins Jennifer and Sarah. Twin Heart Foods’ shelf-stable, all-natural, synthetics-free Cremalusso desserts mix (formerly known as Liquid Gelato) is totally fail proof. We designed this ready-to-use liquid mix with both the novice and professional in mind. Using the Cremalusso mix, no extra ingredients or special skills are required to prepare and enjoy fresh, delicious gelato and other hot and cold novelty desserts and beverages.

The steps are so simple it seems almost too good to be true! But it is true! You simply open the cap and pour into your culinary device of choice! Within just minutes, fresh and genuine gelato, hot chocolate, soft serve, milkshakes, mousses – and more – are ready to be crafted into the dessert of your choice! Have no fear! Let’s get started creating!

Gelato Cookie Sandwich Recipe Card