It may be hard to believe, but Crema Lusso – now the nation’s most versatile frozen desserts and hot & cold beverages mix – began as a premium gelato mix. But what is gelato, you may ask? 

Gelato, which means ‘frozen’, is a centuries-old Italian frozen dessert which rose to fame during the Italian Renaissance, when architect, chef and all-around-renaissance-man, Bernardo Buontalenti, was commissioned to cook up an elaborate feast for the visiting King in the 1500’s. Not long after, so the story goes, noblewoman Catherine de Medici introduced gelato to the table of King Henry II when she joined his household as Queen of France. This indulgent treat quickly grew in popularity as it spread throughout Europe, while simultaneously becoming a familiar thread in the fabric of la bella vita (the beautiful life) back home.

You could say that gelato was the “muse” for what we now know as ice cream. However, the gelato aficionado understands that while these two cugini dolci (sweet cousins) share many attributes, their differences are quite distinct.

During the freezing process, gelato is churned at a slower speed than ice cream, allowing less air to enter the mix. In fact, if you set a pint of pre-packed gelato on the counter overnight to thaw (next to its cousin), you will awake to find one pint full to the brim with creamy (albeit melted) deliciousness, and the other only halfway full of a bubbly looking substance which can only be described as cream with lots of air bubbles. Now the test: which of these two melted pints is the gelato? The one with no air bubbles! You see, when you buy gelato, you are paying for a gourmet treat that is all goodness and all bang for your buck.  But when you buy ice cream, you are literally paying for some cream plus lots of air. Bring on the indigestion!

Another unique aspect of gelato is its preservation – and presentation! Served at a warmer temperature than ice cream, gelato allows for a genuinely creamy and delicious melt-in-your-mouth experience. The receptors on your tongue, rather than being stunned by overwhelming sensations of cold, are instead enabled to transmit to your brain all the sensory aspects of what your taste buds are experiencing – not only flavor and temperature, but also texture, sweetness, fattiness and after-taste.  That is why we describe our gelato as having a long finish (much like a great vino!); whereas the ice cream experience ends bluntly (often accompanied by what is known as brain freeze – not to mention disappointment).

These factors (amongst others such as minimal synthetics, less sugar and a richer flavor despite its lower fat content) are what contribute to gelato’s fame worldwide. And our gelato, being made of only the best and most minimal ingredients; also 100% natural and free of synthetics, boasts a greater intensity of flavor, denser texture and silkier mouth feel than even its “gelato” contemporaries.

More and more people are asking “what is gelato?” and are curious to sample this exotic-sounding treat which many people have never before heard of yet which is firmly rooted in tradition. Gelato is the original ice cream recipe and is how the frozen dessert was first experienced in America centuries ago. It is our passione to resurrect the gelato experience and bring it back to you today. Whether your wish is to enjoy genuine Italian gelato in your home or at your restaurant, shop or event, you can trust Crema Lusso to bring the Italian gelato experience to you.

Crema Lusso – The Optimal Choice

A Class of Its Own
Our exclusive, shelf-stable, clean-label, liquid mixes are the ideal replacement for all other frozen desserts bases. Cremalusso transforms into gelato, soft-serve, ice cream, milkshakes and more – saving the Chef on shipping, storage, labor and training, shrink and more.

Genuinely Italian
Cremalusso was crafted in the artisan style according to a family recipe which brings to life the flavors and culture of Italian “master gelatai” – master gelato artisans.

This clean-label liquid mix is made with rBST-free milk and cream and GMO-free ingredients.  All ingredients are 100% natural, plant­-derived, sustainably sourced, gluten-free and free of synthetics.

Twin Heart Foods’ products respond directly to the growing demand for better-for-you food items. When utilized to create frozen desserts, Crema Lusso is lower in fat and cholesterol than traditional ice cream. It transforms into a luxury, premium gelato which is both delicious and good for you.

Store (unopened) at room temperature for 12 months. When your guests scream for ice cream, Crema Lusso has got you covered. Prepare on demand!

No more botched recipes! No more spilled milk! No special expertise required.  Simply pour into ice cream machine, batch freezer, soft serve machine or shake machine and churn.  Before your eyes, Cremalusso transforms from liquid to frozen – in minutes!

Premium Quality at an Affordable Price 
Premium quality at an affordable price means both palatability and profitability!

With Crema Lusso, the possibilities are endless.