We’re receiving rave reviews from Food and Beverage professionals across the US, who we’ve helped boost customer delight and sell more desserts than they could believe! Our feedback is the proof: consumers are ‘going crazy’ for Cremalusso. Why? Because Cremalusso is not just a frozen desserts base. It’s more versatile than that, and transforms into both hot and cold desserts in just minutes! That’s right, Chefs are saying goodbye to the former blood, sweat and tears necessary for the creation of delicious dessert items for their menus. And Cremalusso superior in quality, taste, aesthetic, texture and genuinity, than its contemporaries.
Food Service operations across the USA are swapping out their raw ingredients and synthetic powdered bases for the ready-to-use Cremalusso mix,  because it is the only premium, ultra-clean, all-natural, shelf-stable, liquid dessert base on the market which is both delicious and competitively priced. And there’s no need for cold shipping or storage. That’s right: Cremalusso can be stored on your pantry shelf until opened. It has an extended shelf-life.
Let Cremalusso help you save money, time, and effort while jazzing up your dessert offerings, reducing waste and most of all: making your clientele happy.
Welcome, Chefs, artisans and plain ol’ dessert lovers, to the world of Cremalusso! With this mind-bogglingly versatile mix, the possibilities are endless. So why wait? Get started creating!
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